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Robert Muñoz co-founded Typeform with David Okuniev in Barcelona in 2012. Previously in 2008 he founded Pulpolab, a digital agency in Barcelona specialized in web production.

Typeform sits on 3 pillars: Business, Culture, and Innovation. Robert leads the Business pillar.

David Okuniev co-founded Typeform with Robert Muñoz in Barcelona in 2012.  Previously he led design at Fat-man Collective, a Barcelona digital studio specialising in UX & UI design, which he founded in 2006. Prior to Design, David worked as a composer & musician. For posterity, you can check out some of his music here:

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Hi! I'm Mamón. My father was called Mamón and my grandfather was called Mamón too. I like human food, dog food and cat food. I like to play with other dogs, sniff their butts and chase cats. I hate small dogs that bark a lot (grrrrrrr....).

I think the best moment in the day could be anytime, because I can lick my testicles whenever I want. I love to work at Typeform, because I like to play with my workmates and they share their food with me.
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